Frequently Asked Questions
Main Features
How can I change the speed of testing?

You can do it with the help of the special scrollbar that is just to the right from the "Pause" button.

Can I pause testing and continue it later?

Yes, sure. You can pause testing and save the project with all elements and open it later. You can find more information about projects here:

Can I test data on several currency pairs simultaneously?

Forex Tester allows to open any required number of charts for any currency pairs if you have data for them. The charts for these pairs will be moving simultaneously.

Can I test data on several timeframes simultaneously?

Forex Tester allows to open any required number of charts for any timeframes. The charts for these timeframes will be moving simultaneously.

Do I have to run statistics manually?

No, you don't. Forex Tester gives you all the information about the trades that have been closed. Just go to "View -> Show Market Info" menu and do not waste your time on manual analysis anymore.

How can I get aggregate information about this particular bar (candlestick)?

This information is available in "View -> Show Data Window" menu. There you will see all you need about each bar.

What is the profit chart and where can I find it?

Profit chart is a special instrument for analysis of your strategy performance. It shows the balance, equity, margin and dropdown in a comfortable visual way. This chart can be find in "View -> Profit Chart -> Show Profit Chart" menu.

What Windows versions Forex Tester is compatible with?

With Windows 2000 and higher (Windows 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10). Forex Tester is not compatible with Windows 95/98/Me.

Can Forex Tester work on Apple Macintosh computer?

It cannot work under Apple operation system, but can work if you install Windows on this computer or run some Windows simulation software (VM Ware, for example).

Can I test Expert Advisers and indicators from MetaTrader with your software?

No. The only software where you can use them is MetaTrader itself. But those experts and indicators can be rewritten by a programmer into ForexTester format using Forex Tester API libraries.

Forex Tester's Advantages
What are the advantages of Forex Tester 2 over MT4 demo account.

  1. Supports multiple timeframes.
  2. Supports multiple currency pairs.
  3. Supports combined strategies (for example manual entry and automatic exit).
  4. Can pause testing (save project) and continue it later.
  5. Can rewind time.
  6. Can go back/forward in any steps.
  7. Acts like a real trading terminal.
  8. Supports testing with tick data.
  9. Provides detailed statistics during the test and after the test.
  10. Allows testing several automatic strategies (EAs) at the same time.
  11. Allows changing EA parameters in runtime.
  12. Is fast and efficient.
  13. Is easy and user-friendly.

What are the advantages of Forex Tester 2 compared to MT4 tester.

  1. You can test Manual trading strategies in a fast and easy way. With Forex Tester you can trade on historical data like you trade on your MT4 terminal in real time. This is very important even if you plan to develop automatic trading system, for example you may have an idea and want to test this idea before you spend time on implementing it in code.
  2. You can test combined strategies (Manual + Automatic) in FT. For example you enter trades manually and exit automatically.
  3. You can see how exactly your strategy trades in real time, in MT you can only open a chart after test is finished. In FT you can open many charts with different timeframes, apply indicators, draw graphical objects, etc...
  4. In MT you cannot test your strategy on real tick data with floating spread, in FT you can.
  5. In Forex Tester you can test multicurrency and multitimeframe EAs.
  6. You can adjust strategy parameters during the test based on different factors (indicator, market conditions and so on).
  7. You can pause testing and analyze market situation. Or you can even “rewind” the time and “play” some moment once again.
  8. You can test more than 1 EA at the same time.
  9. You can define your spread and swaps for any currency pair in Forex Tester.
  10. When you develop your EA with the help of FT API you can use the debugger, this is very important for programmers and this speeds up the development.

Purchase and registration
I purchased 1 license and I want to install Forex Tester on my home computer and my work computer. Can I do this?

No. Our sales policy is: one computer - one license. Software is attached to your computer and cannot be registered with the same key on another computer(s). The user has the right to move Forex Tester to another computer in case if an old computer has crashed or a new one was purchased. In this case we block an old key and issue a new one at no extra cost. Unfortunately, we cannot issue keys for 2 or more computers, that a single user could have, for a price of a single license. In this case you can purchase more than one license with significant discounts.”

I purchased 1 license, after some time I decided to buy one more. Can I have a discount?

Yes, we can give you a discount for the second license.

My computer where I installed Forex Tester is broken (I purchased new computer/I want to install Forex Tester on more powerful computer/etc.). What can I do?

In this case you can move your license to another computer at no extra cost. We will block an old registration key and issue a new one for free.

Do I pay for your software one time or is it a monthly/yearly fee?

It is one time payment. You will not be charged in future (except if you decide to upgrade for the next major version).

How long my registration key is valid?


I put my registration key into the registration form and the program says that it is incorrect. What is wrong?

Probably Hardware ID on your computer has changed due to some reason (for example, you changed hardware or re-installed OS). Do not worry, it is OK, we will issue a new registration key for you for free.

Please do these steps to re-register the program:

  1. Run your Forex Tester.
  2. Go to Help → Register program menu.
  3. Choose "I do not have a registration key" and press "Next".
  4. Choose "Yes, I already paid" and press "Next".
  5. Fill key request form in the next window. Choose "Old key does not work" option as the reason to request the registration key. If you forgot some contact information, you can write something like “Don’t remember”
  6. Press the "Request key" button.
  7. We will generate a registration key for you and send it via email within next 24 hours.

Do you provide software upgrades for free?

We provide minor upgrades for free. For example, after release of version 1, we issued versions 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 ... 1.12. You can have these upgrades for free and your registration key is valid for them. But to upgrade for a new major version 2 you need to pay an upgrade fee (that is not very big, ~25% of a new version price).

How can I get a discount?

You can get a discount if you purchase several Forex Tester 2 licenses. For example, you can buy 2 licenses: one for your home computer and another one for your working computer. You can buy a program for yourself and your friend. You can also find some traders on forums, join them and buy licenses with significant discounts.

For how long can I use my registration key?

There is no time limit for using your registration key. It can be used as much as you need. If you change your computer or reinstall Windows OS then you need to request a new registration key. That is absolutely free and will not take much time from you. We will issue a new key and block an old one.

Can I get my money back if I don't like Forex Tester 2?

Sure, you can. We guarantee a full refund in a 30-day period since the purchase. The only thing you risk is a few hours of your time for installing, buying, registering and learning how to use the program. Such a small amount of your time is worth of the possibility to find out how to make money on Forex.

Testing Process
There is so much information in Forex Tester. From where should I begin?

To start testing you need to do four things: Download the data, Generate ticks, Add the required charts, Start test. The first two parts are made in the Data Center of the History mode and the last two are in the Testing Mode. Always keep in mind these 4 issues and backtesting will be a very simple process.

Do I need the Internet connection to backtest my strategies?

No, you don't. Forex Tester is working offline. You need Internet if you want to download the data. The testing itself doesn't require Internet at all.

Can I copy the template from one chart and then apply it to another one?

Yes, you can use the same indicators, color schemes and graphic instruments on many different currency pairs and timeframes. Please watch this video to find out how to do this:

Can I create a custom timeframe?

Yes, you can do it easily with the help of the "Edit timeframes list" button (it is to the left from the "Pause" button on your panel of instruments). After that click "Add timeframe" and enter the necessary value into the field. For example, if you want to make a 6 hour timeframe then multiply it by 60 and enter 360. You can delete the unnecessary timeframes as well.

Can I trust the results of the test?

Forex Tester does not cooperate with any broker and that is why we provide the most objective information only. We do not want you to lose money as the brokers do. We just want you to test different strategies and find those that are profitable. The more money you make on a real market because of our program the more people you will tell about Forex Tester. So it is a win-win collaboration.

How long aproximately the test lasts?

It depends on the timeframe and the data period you use. You can adjust the speed of testing, so you can test many years of data for a few minutes/hours.

What is the difference between the History and the Testing mode of Forex Tester?

The History mode is the one that is designed to prepare the data for backtesting: you can download the data from our server or from a file on your computer, analyze its quality and generate the ticks. But to start the test you have to go to the Testing mode that gives all the tools for backtesting: indicators, EAs, graphic instruments and so on.

How can I change the update frequency of the chart?

It can be done with the help of the dropdown list that is just to the right from the testing speed scrollbar. For example, you set the first dropdown menu at 1 hour and the second at 5 minutes. In this case you will see 12 changes of the price because an hour has 12 5-minute periods.

How can I open an account in Forex Tester?

There is no need to open an account in Forex Tester. You just start the test and you will have 1,000 dollars on your virtual deposit. If you want to increase or decrease this value then you can do it in
"Orders → Deposit / Withdraw money".

Historical Data
Can I test historical data on weekends?

Yes, Forex Tester is a stand alone program so you can use it for backtesting the strategies even if the market is closed.

What is tick data?

Tick data is the data that displays all the changes of the price. For example, the price changed 36 times during one minute. If you use 1-min data then you will see only 4 prices of this bar: open, high, low and close. If you use the tick data then in this particular case you will notice all 36 changes. The tick data gives you an opportunity to backtest the strategy as if you are trading on a real market. This type of data is a must for all scalping strategies. Also it is very useful for medium- and long-term strategies for getting the most qualitative results.

Where can I get tick data?

We have a high-quality tick data from 9 brokers. It is available for all users that are subscribed for the VIP service.

Can I use my own data and not the one Forex Tester provides?

Although we provide good data for backtesting we allow clients of Forex Tester to use the data from their own sources.

I have a live account with "X" broker and I want to test my strategy in a most precise way. Can I do this using Forex Tester?

If your broker is in the list of the data we have, you can get the data from our source. If it is not then you need to download it on an external one and then import it into Forex Tester. We also give an opportunity to change all the settings of the testing: spreads, lot sizes, digits after point, minimum distance to price, swaps, margins, hedged margin so you will get the most accurate backtesting results.

How can I activate my data service?

After you have purchased the data please go to "Help -> Activate Data Service -> Fill the form and click "Submit" button.

Indicators and Oscillators
Does Forex Tester provide trend indicators?

Forex Tester has many built-in trend indicators such as: Moving Averages, Bollinger Bands, Envelopes, Ichimoku and Parabolic SAR.

Can I add indicators for a volume analysis?

Our program contains several indicators for volume analysis. There are On Balance volume, Money Flow Index (MFI) and Tick volume indicators for a more comprehensive backtesting.

Is it possible to use Bill William's indicators for backtesting?

Accelerator, Alligator, Awesome indicators and Fractals are available for the users of Forex Tester.

What oscillators can I use to backtest the strategy?

Forex Tester includes a lot of indicators that will allow you to use almost any possible strategy. There are Average True Range, Bulls Power, Bears Power, Commodity Channel Index, Elder's Force Index, MACD, Momentum, Relative Strength Index, Stochastic Oscillator, Williams' Percent Range and many others.

Does Forex Tester have Range bars charts?

Yes, we do. Some strategies require this instrument. The users of Forex Tester can backtest such strategies as well.

How can I add a custom indicator from MT4?

The indicators that are already in Forex Tester should be enough for almost any basic strategy. In case if you want to add the indicators from MT4 that are not in the list of our indicators then you need to rewrite it from .mql to .dll format.

Advanced Features
Does Forex Tester has any built-in EAs?

Yes, Forex Tester has one built in strategy that will give you uderstanding of how the Expert Advisors work. It is based on crossing of Moving averages, the most popular indicators for trading. In case you want to add your custom EA you need to have it in .dll format.

What is Fast Test in Forex Tester?

Fast Test is the feature that gives you an opportunity to get fast backtesting results. In case if you have many different strategies and you need to get a basic knowledge of their profit rate then it is better to use the Fast Test. When you find the strategy that works then it is time to switch to a normal test and look at the strategy in more details.

What is Forex Tester's strategy optimizer?

Strategy optimizer is the feature that allows to quickly test the strategy, change the parameters and then start another test. This will help to understand in the fastest way which parameters are the most profitable particularly for this strategy. For example, you test Forex Tester's default strategy that is based on the crossing of 2 Moving Averages. You set the period of the first MA at 15 and the period of the second one at 100. Then you choose the currency, timeframe, lotsize and data range. At last you can start the test and export the results of it to Excel or csv file. After that you change the periods of indicators, for example to 30 and 100 and begin one more test. Now you can compare the results and find out which parameters are better. You can do that as much as you want and get the best possible solution. When you done with changing periods of indicators you can switch into another timeframe or currency pair and begin one more group of testing. Strategy optimizer can be found in "Tools → Strategy Optimizer" menu. You can also find a detailed instructions here:

What is Statement Processor?

Statement Processor is the feature that allows to upload the trading history of your trades from MT4 or Forex Tester and analyze them. You will get an opportunity to look at your trading from the side as if you analyze someone else's strategies. The huge benefit of such an approach is in absense of emotions. When you trade on a real market most of the time you act emotionally and that is why make a lot of mistakes. With Forex Tester's Statement Processor you can be impassive and find out the loopholes of your trading style easily.

Different Types of Strategies
Can I test long-term strategies in Forex Tester 2?

Yes, you can. You can download the data for the last 14 years for free and test the strategies on such a long period of time. It is definitely enough data range for you to understand if the strategy is a profitable one or not.

Can I test scalping strategies?

Yes, you can test scalping strategies in case you have got tick data. You need to subscribe for a VIP subscription type for this purpose because scalping strategies are very sensitive to the price changes, even the smallest ones. We update this data every day (i.e. you can download data for the previous day). You can read more about subscription types here:

I'm using the strategy that is based on volumes. Can I test it in your program?

Forex Tester supports tick volumes only. Subscribe to the VIP data service to get reliable tick volume information.

Can I backtest the strategies based on Fibonacci levels?

Of course you can. There are the full range of Fibonacci tools built in Forex Tester: retracements, extensions, arcs, fan and time zones. This whole package will let you test any Forex strategy related to Fibo levels.

Valuable Details
Can I open several pending orders at once?

Yes, Forex Tester has such a feature. Make use of "Orders → Place Pending orders" (or you can use the
"Ctrl + O" hotkeys). Then you can set the parameters of the future pending orders. This feature is extremely useful for Martingale strategies because it helps you to place a bunch of pre-defined orders in a click of the mouse.

Can I switch Forex Tester to my native language?

Yes, you can if your native language is Russian, Spahish, German, Japanese, Chinese, French or Hungarian. You can do that in "Tools → Language" menu of the program.

Can I reorganize the chart appearance?

You can do that with a right-click on the chart and choosing the "Color Scheme" tab. There you will have plenty of different options to change the look of the chart.

How can I remove the lines from the chart that show the account history?

To remove the signs of the previous trades please do the following: "Right click on the chart → Chart settings → Choose Chart Options tab → Show Account history"

Can I make a screenshot in your program?

Yes, you can do it in "File → Take a Screen Shot" menu. Choose the required parameters and press "OK". By default the picture will be saved to the "Screens" folder in your Forex Tester's folder. This feature is very useful in case you want to share your trades with your mentor or if you are a mentor and teach others.

I have several monitors. Can I stretch the program on all of them and place one chart on each?

Forex Tester does not have such a feature that can do it automatically but you can do it manually. Click on Minimize button of your Forex Tester window (it is at the top right corner of the screen), drag the window of the screen manually on all your monitors. After that you can manually place each of the chart on each monitor.

Demo version and full version
Where can I download demo version?

You can download it here:

What are the limitations of demo version?

In demo version you can not test more than 1 month of historical data, load and save projects, and you can not continue testing after it was stopped.

Where can I get full version?

After you register demo version with your registration key, all limitations will be removed and it becomes full version.

Other questions
I reinstalled my operation system and Forex Tester stopped working.

Forex Tester saves your hard drive configuration as a unique Hardware ID to identify your computer. In some cases reinstalling of the OS can change this ID. You need to send us your new Hardware ID and we will generate a new registration key for you.

I purchased Forex Tester program but I can't find a file with 10 manual strategies. How can I receive it?

Please go to this page:, enter your order number (which you received after Forex Tester purchase) and click "Submit" button. After this you will be able to download the file with strategies from our site.

Your software has only 1 month of historical data pre-installed. Where can I get data for a bigger period?

We included 1 month of historical data to our setup file for size reasons. You can download historical data from our site here for free. We provide the data from 2001 to the current moment and update these data daily.

I cannot import history and cannot add new symbols.

You can do this only in the «History Mode»; you cannot add new symbols and import history in the «Testing Mode». Please switch to the «History Mode».

I imported historical data in the “History Mode”, then switched to the “Testing Mode” and there is still only 1 month of data.

You need to generate ticks first for a desired period of time and symbols.

I imported data in the “History Mode”, generated ticks, switched to the “Testing Mode” and still see only 1 month of data there!

You see the results of a previous test. You need to start a new test - press the "Start Test" button. If the “Pause” button was set you will need to release it too.

I generated ticks for 2 (or more) symbols. I have started the test and I can see bars on one chart, but the second chart is empty. What am I doing wrong?

It is possible that you imported more history for 1 symbol, then for others. For example, you imported history for EURUSD from 2001/01/01 to 2009/01/01, and for USDJPY from 2002/01/01 to 2009/01/01. And you generated ticks from 2001/01/01 to 2009/01/01. When you start test you will see bars created on EURUSD chart and nothing on USDJPY chart until the testing time reaches 2002/01/01. Then you will see bars on 2 charts.

I generated ticks for USDJPY, then I generated ticks for EURUSD. I have switched to the “Testing Mode” I can see only EURUSD but I want to see both.

You need to generate ticks for 2 symbols at the same time. Every new ticks generation erases previously created data.

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