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Average daily range

#1 Postby michael69 » Sat Apr 02, 2011 2:21 pm


I was looking for average daily ranges for few currency and found

http://www.kathylien.com/site/day-tradi ... ing-ranges

I like to do my own calcs so exported gbp/usd and usd/chf, however the values I find are significanlty different.

gbp/usd 2007 - 132 for website above and my calc 109
usd/chf 2007 - 86 for webite and my calc 70

The average daily range is as i understand the annual average for the difference between high and low of each trading day. This is not the hardest excel calc so I hope and believe I got it right.

I would appreciate any views on this.
Can forex tester automatically give this result?
Would there be any obvious reason for this difference?


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#2 Postby Tantalus » Sat Apr 02, 2011 6:34 pm

Well, she's not totally clear on the period she uses for her calculations, and it seems to vary. Moreover, be aware that the article you site is from 2008.

The real question would be why you need your results to match hers? Calculating the Daily Range for your own broker and interpreting the results in the way most suited to your own needs should be your real concern. I think you understand the calculation well enough, so don't worry about what Kathy Lien says. Remember that she makes her money selling books about Forex...
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