Lost Candles

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Lost Candles

#1 Postby ClintongD » Wed Oct 12, 2016 3:25 pm

I was testing away, and all of a sudden my c
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hart turned in (Pic), help how do we sort this out

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Re: Lost Candles

#2 Postby FX Helper » Thu Oct 13, 2016 4:46 am


Thank you for contacting us.

It seems, that the problem is in the historical data that the program uses.

Do you use the historical data from our server or your import your own data?

Please open the Data Center, select NZDUSD pair, click "Clear history" then download new historical data, create a new project and start a new test.
If you want to continue using your current project then you can load it via File -> Open Project menu.

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