Attaching EX4 to Test Directly on ForexTester & Forward bias

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Attaching EX4 to Test Directly on ForexTester & Forward bias

#1 Postby fiverr » Mon May 18, 2015 11:29 am

Is it possible to attach ex4 EA directly or through API to test on Forex Tester? Is there a way to avoid look forward bias?

Look-ahead bias

This bias is created when you use data that would not have been known during the simulation period. This often leads to inaccurate and wrong results.

An example would be to reference future bars in your formula:

buy = ref(close, -1) > 10;

The above line references a future bar (close price at next bar).

You should also make sure that the indicators you are using do not have the look-ahead bias. An example of such as indicator is the ZigZag. This indicator makes use of future bars to create high and low swings.

How to avoid look-ahead bias:

- Right click on a chart
- Select "Edit Formula"
- Type your formula
- Click on "Look-ahead" button
- Make sure that the "Bars to the future" is equal to 0.

Be aware, that some custom function (rare) may reference future bars and returns 0 in "Bars to the future" field. If you have any doubt, please post your function name (+ link to the trading item) on the forum.

Ref ... z3aVZyR1c9

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Re: Attaching EX4 to Test Directly on ForexTester & Forward

#2 Postby FX Helper » Thu May 21, 2015 6:37 am


No, Forex Tester doesn't allow to use ex4 EAs without converting them into Forex Tester format using Forex Tester API.
We provide API files in "Examples" folder in folder with Forex Tester, API descriptions can be found in "Help" menu in Forex Tester program.

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