Linked old News Database

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Linked old News Database

#1 Postby foreman01 » Thu Oct 06, 2011 11:00 am

Idea is that old news of HIGH importance is linked to the simulator, indicating in some way that a high impact news event will occur at 8:30 GMT, etc..

News has a major impact sometimes and the market will sit and wait for it, and all the indicators and clever price action trading in the world cannot tell you what will happen next.

In my live trading, I exit prior or on occasion place a limit order to pick up a spike.

But when using the sim, I have to print back news from forex peace army or forex factory.

Better if there could be a clickable line telling when and what the coming news is.

Monthly news would need to be downloadable, or else a utility that would grab news from forex factory and import it would also work (until FF changes their news format again anyway).

edit: also useful on such a news database would be open and close times for various markets. This gets REAL confusing in the fall and spring as Daylight savings times start and end on different days in Europe, Australia and the US.

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#2 Postby FT Support » Thu Oct 06, 2011 12:39 pm

Yes, you're right. We actually plan to add such feature but we need to have some reliable source of news. If somebody can tell us then we'll appreciate that
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Re: Linked old News Database

#3 Postby krumpet » Wed Aug 13, 2014 7:31 am

Did forex tester ever implement this?

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Re: Linked old News Database

#4 Postby FX Helper » Mon Aug 18, 2014 5:36 am


No, Forex Tester doesn't have this feature.

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Re: Linked old News Database

#5 Postby PPW » Sun Sep 14, 2014 9:41 am

Hi, all

I code this bot for grab Economic News from calendar's , may be it useful for this forum.
It would be great if ForexTester implement Economic News feature. :mrgreen:

Check it out.

ForexFactory.exe --- Program Bot (run this) ---
--------------------- 1. Paste to Start URL
--------------------- 2. Choose file to save
--------------------- 3. Click RUN (Auto save result and grab next day until Click PAUSE or STOP) --- Source code ---
ForexFactory.csv --- Example Result ---

Code: Select all

Format date,time,currency,impact,event,actual,actual_opt1,actual_opt2,forecast,previous,previous_opt1,previous_opt2

jan4.2007,6:45,CHF,high,CPI m/m, 0.0% ,worse,,0.1%,0.0%,,
jan4.2007,8:15,EUR,low,Spanish Services PMI,58.1,,,,60.4,,
jan4.2007,8:45,EUR,low,Italian Services PMI, 55.0 ,worse,,56.2,56.2,,
jan4.2007,9:00,EUR,low,Final Services PMI,57.2,,,57.5,57.6,,
jan4.2007,9:30,GBP,medium,Services PMI, 60.6 ,better,,60.0,59.8,,
jan4.2007,9:30,GBP,low,Mortgage Approvals, 129K ,better,,120K,128K,,
jan4.2007,9:30,GBP,low,Net Lending to Individuals m/m,10.9B,,,11.0B,10.8B,revised,Revised From 10.9B
jan4.2007,9:55,EUR,low,French 10-y Bond Auction,3.97|2.4,,,,3.74|2.4,,
jan4.2007,10:00,EUR,low,CPI Flash Estimate y/y,1.9%,,,1.9%,1.9%,revised better,Revised From 1.8%
jan4.2007,10:00,EUR,low,Italian Prelim CPI m/m,0.1%,,,0.1%,0.2%,revised better,Revised From 0.1%
jan4.2007,10:30,GBP,medium,GfK Consumer Confidence, -8 ,worse,,-6,-7,,
jan4.2007,12:30,GBP,low,MPC Member Blanchflower Speaks, ,,,,,,
jan4.2007,12:30,USD,low,Challenger Job Cuts y/y,-49.3%,,,,-22.7%,,
jan4.2007,13:30,CAD,medium,RMPI m/m,0.9%,,,1.0%,-2.8%,,
jan4.2007,13:30,CAD,low,IPPI m/m, 0.0% ,worse,,0.5%,-0.1%,,
jan4.2007,13:30,USD,low,Unemployment Claims, 329K ,worse,,318K,317K,,
jan4.2007,15:00,USD,high,ISM Non-Manufacturing PMI, 57.1 ,worse,,58.0,58.9,,
jan4.2007,15:00,USD,high,Pending Home Sales m/m, -0.5% ,worse,,0.0%,-1.5%,revised better,Revised From -1.7%
jan4.2007,15:00,USD,medium,Factory Orders m/m, 0.9% ,worse,,1.5%,-4.5%,revised better,Revised From -4.7%
jan4.2007,15:30,USD,low,Crude Oil Inventories,-1.3M,,,-2.0M,-8.1M,,
jan4.2007,23:50,JPY,low,Monetary Base y/y, -20.0% ,better,,-23.5%,-22.3%,,
ForexFactoryBot.jpg (414.2 KiB) Viewed 14697 times

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Re: Linked old News Database

#6 Postby appropiate » Mon Feb 06, 2017 12:35 pm


So will forex tester eventually implement old high impact news? It would be such a great addition to the software on my humble opinion. Thanks!

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Re: Linked old News Database

#7 Postby FX Helper » Thu Feb 09, 2017 10:08 am


We plan to add this feature in future but it will not be implemented in nearest time.

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Re: Linked old News Database

#8 Postby Simonlax » Thu May 04, 2017 10:25 am

Yes, this is extremely important for forex simulation. Please include it in the future.

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