Issued new build 10

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Issued new build 10

#1 Postby Terranin » Wed Feb 28, 2007 12:14 am

Ver 1.0 Build 10 (27.02.2007)

1. Rewrited Statement Processor strategy to provide more precise calculations.

2. Corrected mistake with saving graphical objects in projects.

3. Corrected mistake that occured when user switches very often between Edit mode and Testing mode with ticks generation.

4. Added new commands in API that allow to work with visual objects on the chart.

5. Added new indicators: ZigZag and Parabolic SAR

6. Added trailing stop for all orders.

7. Added ability to set pause mode after connect.

8. Now you can see information about bars (O/H/L/C/V) while you set stop loss/take profit with pipette buttons in orders.

9. When you move mouse over the indicator line on the main chart you can see its name and value of the indicator in this point.

10. Added option to duplicate order in the context menu of the Open positions list and Pending orders list.

11. In the pending order dialog error messages made more informative.

12. Extended maximum delay between tick packages to 5 seconds (before it was maximul 1 second) - it allows you to set speed of the chart really slow.

You can download new build here:
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