Money management is the cornerstone of Forex trading. The main task of any novice trader is not in the deposit multiplication as most of the people think – let us keep this goal to experienced traders who are in the market for several years. The key task of the novice trader is at least to survive in the market...

If one broker is on everyone's lips, its services are used by millions of traders around the world, and the popularity of another broker is poor, it is obvious that one should give preference to the first option. This does not mean that a well-known broker cannot go bankrupt (the stories of Alpari UK and MMCIS brokers are...

Algorithm (script) is a document designed to automate individual’s actions and eliminate the psychological component when it comes to decision-making. When a person knows clearly what and under which circumstances (s)he should do, dramatic...
Comprehending Forex analysis with the Forex charting software Forex Copier 2 - software for copying trades between MT4 accounts A Forex currency trading simulator and yet another market analysis tool Software that opens trades in a fraction of a second with a built-in risk management calculator.
Copier 2
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Forex Speed Up

Forex Tester is a software that simulates trading in the Forex market, so you can learn how to trade profitably, create, test and refine your strategy for manual and automatic trading.

Software to copy trades between MT4 accounts. Supports all brokers, has plenty of features such as Lot/Risk Management, Filtering trades and Reverse Trading, Lifetime Support.

We'll help you become intelligent Money Managers and gain you entry into the elite group that actually makes money trading Forex.

Software that opens trades in a fraction of a second with a built-in risk management calculator. Set predefined Stop Loss & Take Profit values for instant entries. Compatible with Forex Tester and MT4.

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